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The Money Game!

A fun and engaging way for students to learn about managing and investing in their future. The Money Game is designed for youth and adults.




The following ten core principles are taught in our financial literacy program

1.    Spend less than you earn.
2.    Be future-minded and plan for the future.
3.    Save and invest regularly for both emergencies expenses and longer-term
       events such as retirement.
4.    Protect yourself against large losses.
5.    Prevent identity theft and recognize fraud.
6.    Follow prudent financial practices, such as on-time bill pay.
7.    Build human capital (e.g. invests in education, understand you earn more
       as you learn more).
8.    Understand the power of compound interest.
9.    Develop focused optimism.
10.  Learn where to turn for information, advice, and help.


College Tours

Prior to visiting our chosen colleges our students are prepped and prepared to ask the necessary questions to fit their career choice. Our tours are designed to encourage higher education as well as to see what college life is like. Basically, a YEDDI college tour is like a mini college prep course on wheels.  A YEDDI College Tour is informative, stress relieving, enlightening, convenient, affordable, and a whole lot of fun!

Career Readiness

Youth ages 13-25 learn job readiness skills and unleash their talents to become leaders in their community. Learning the elevator pitch, resume writing, interviewing skills and paying taxes.  We prepare our youth not just to get a job we inspire them to creating jobs and giving back to the community.