Youth Entrepreneurs Developing Dreams and Inspirations!

About Us


To inspire our youth while strengthening families and communities


To improve our community by educating our youth on money management, entrepreneurship, and essential skills needed to succeed and give back to the community


To help youth develop positive friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope in the future.


To be the leading youth organization that teaches financial literacy, entrepreneurship, work and college readiness.

1. To provide the best tools to empower youth, help them establish goals, and follow through with commitments.
2. To expand young peoples perspectives; make them aware of life’s possibilities.
3. To give our youth a better understanding of America’s banking and monetary system.
4. To supply our youth with the knowledge and desire to make a difference in their community by volunteering, donating, and serving in their neighborhood.

YEDDI will achieve these goals by establishing a financially stable organization with funding from donors, fund raisers, and sponsored events.